Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are there more graphic, photographs and historical documentation regarding the Cathedral?

    A: Information and images of the destroyed Cathedral are available on this site in our section about "The Past" and current conditions in our section on "The Present." Some images can also be obtained from the Google Map available on our page about "The Future" or directly through Google Earth using the coordinates that appear next to the map. The data provided on Google Earth is from November 2010, and site conditions remain the same except for those depicted and discussed in the "The Present."

    You can find more images in La Cathédrale de Port-au-Prince | Histoire d'une construction by Georges Corvington.

  • Q: Are there any other guidance documents relating to this competition, e.g. site plan, schedule of accommodation, height restrictions, parking requirements, etc?

    A: There is no parking requirement, height limitation or additional guideline. The design dimensions are limited only by the current footprint (84 meters X 47 meters) of the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince:

    • Length interior 84 meters (total)
    • Width of façade 29 meters
    • Length of transept 27 meters
    • Width of transept 47 meters

  • Q: How many could be seated in the Cathedral destroyed in the earthquake?

    A: Maximum seating was 1500 in the nave and an additional 200 in the transept and choir.

  • Q. Must all contributing authors be licensed architects?

    A: An entry can be submitted by a team composed of non-architects, except one. All eligible entries must include at least one licensed architect among credited authors.

  • Q: I just registered and paid for the entry fee. I haven't received any confirmation and username or a registration package. How does this work?

    A: Confirmation of your registration is your login number and Paypal receipt. Your login number would have been emailed to the address provided at registration. There is no other notice until submission of your design at anytime between October 15 and November 15, 2012.

  • Q: Are we allowed to have our firm name on our drawings and renderings?

    A: Absolutely not. Any marking or attribution associating participating individuals and/or firms with uploaded images and drawings will disqualify your submission.